Featherboard Compatibility

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  1. Are there placeholders in Featherboard that sync up with the latest version of ASkyBlock, BSkyBlock? On the list of MVdW Placeholders, only ASkyBlock is listed.
  2. Featherboard supports other placeholders that are not only mvdw placeholders if you read the wiki
  3. FeatherBoard and all of Maxim's plugins use MVdWPlaceholderAPI for displaying custom text from other plugins, just like PlaceholderAPI (PAPI) but just for those plugins.
    Luckily MVdWPlaceholderAPI allows us to use placeholders from PAPI with a simple placeholder:

    Code (Text):
    More info

    At the top of this article, it explains exactly what you are trying to do with bskyblock:

  4. Awesome! Thank you.