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  1. I'm having trouble setting up my Featherboard config file, can someone please config it to look like this:

    Here's the config: https://hastebin.com/wuqokomoha.bash

    I will be changing the colors afterwards, but I just need it to be setup like that

    Here are the place holders that you will need:

    For the Plot owner: {plotsquared_currentplot_owner}
    For the TPS: {tps_rounded}
    For the players online: {PLAYERCOUNT}

    I would really appreciate it! Thanks
  2. Or instead of making others do it, you can ask us what you are having trouble with so we can help you.

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  3. Yeah, I know where you're coming from, but every time I do it I mess it up and it starts me from fresh and I can never get the one with the error back. Know what I mean?
  4. Then show us the config that resets so we can help you see what is wrong.
  5. It always gets lost and goes away
  6. It doesn't create an error config for some reason
  7. You said you have done it multiple times. Do it one more time, but this time save it in your server and another place and then reload it. If it resets, post the config.
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  8. Alright.. Some of the reason that it errors is because I can't figure out where to start sometimes and I can't seem to understand the layout of the config at all. It doesnt match up with the ingame board. Ill post the config this will take a while because I have to try and config it myself xD