Solved Featherboard custom placeholders not updating

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  1. Solved it, just needed to wrap my text in a <repeat>{hook}</repeat>

    I am hooking FeatherBoard to register a custom placeholder, like so. I have FeatherBoard as a dependancy in my plugin.yml so it's definitely loading after featherboard.

    Code (Text):

    PlaceholderAPI.registerPlaceholder(featherboardPlaceholder, new PlaceholderAPI.PlaceholderRequestEventHandler() {
                    public String onPlaceholderRequest(PlaceholderAPI.PlaceholderRequestEvent evt) {
                        return Integer.toString(new Random().nextInt(5000));
    And my featherboard config
    Code (Text):

          - '{currency}'
          interval: 10
          random: false
    Now the place holder registers just fine, it shows up in the console log that featherboard registered my hook.

    And when I join the server it updates the hook, but only once, all the other built in hooks such as RAM update just fine. This problem is only resolved by doing "/featherboard reload".

    However, I'd like to avoid having to do a featherboard reload each time I start my server, especially as it can't even be automated from console. Does anyone have any ideas as to why FeatherBoard is behaving like this?

    PS: I found a similar thread here, but there didn't seem to be a solution and calling the reload method internally by reflection is not easy as the plugin is heavily obfuscated.
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