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  1. Hello!,

    I've been on multiple servers/communities using FeatherBoard and I've noticed they used a Placeholder to display the Date/Day like "Tue, February, 26" on servers such as MineSega. if anyone is familiar with this placeholder please let me know will be a massive help!


  2. Install "PlaceholderAPI" on your server, there is a placeholder for the date/time in the plugin. I dunno it off the top of my head, but it is definitely listed on PAPI's plugin page as the dev team is really good about that.
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  3. As NovaFox161 said, use PlaceholderAPI it has a server time placeholder %server_time_FORMAT%. And u can set how do u want the time format to be, fe
    %server_time_dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm% wil returns 27/02/2018 01:44
    Or it can be whatever u want, check this for more info.
    and to use a papi placeholder in mvdwpapi (fb) it will be like this {placeholderapi_(papi placeholder without %% and brackets)}
    Just dont forgot to download the server expansion to make that server placeholder works
    /papi ecloud download server
    /papi reload