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  1. so i need help. basically i log in and the scoreboard is there like it should be however it always disappears after 5 seconds. ive done the steps in featherboards FAQ but i dont know of anything else that might be conflicting with it.
  2. Are you using any other scoreboard plugins or do any other of your plugins have a scoreboard feature? If so, that might be why Featherboard is causing issues. Either way, @Maximvdw may be able to help with your issue. :)
  3. heres a list of my plugins
    FFA 1.4.1 AutoBroadCast 1.0 NetherWater 1.0.4 PlugMan 2.1.4 TnTFill 2.2 EnderPearlCooldown 1.1 Ping 1.0 ViaVersion 1.3.0 FallenHeroes 1.4 CombatLogX 5.2.1 Release ViaBackwards 2.3.1 CoreProtect 2.10.0 CratesPlus 4.4.4 Wild 3.11.0 WorldEdit 6.1.7;dd00bb1 FreeCamDupePatch 1.0 Essentials TeamCity CrackShot 0.98.7 Votifier 2.3.6-SNAPSHOT Vkits 10 ProtocolLib 4.3.0 EditDrops 1.0.6 KitAdder 2.3 BlowableObsidians 4.5 MVdWPlaceholderAPI 2.3.1 VotingPlugin 5.11 SignEdit 3.3.2 Vouchers MyMOTD 0.2.5 EssentialsChat TeamCity BlocksHub 2.1.1 PermissionsEx 1.23.4 FeatherBoard 4.2.1 mcMMO 1.5.00-b3547 CS-CoreLib 1.1.12 Vault 1.5.6-b49 MassiveCore 2.8.6 EnjinMinecraftPlugin 3.4.0 RedeemableMCMMO 1.1 McMMOWithdraw 1.2 Rankup 2.6d WorldGuard 6.1.3-SNAPSHOT;c904242 Factions 2.8.6 FactionsTop 1.2.0 EssentialsProtect TeamCity Duels 2.2.3 PlayerVaults 3.5.2 GuardNoFall 2.1 SimplePvPStats 1.1.0 EssentialsSpawn TeamCity CompatNoCheatPlus 6.6.4-RC-sMD5NET-b88 SafeTrade 1.0.15 TNTFill 1.0 SilkSpawners 5.0.0 WhatIsIt 1.3.8 CrackShotPlus 1.54 SilkSpawnersEcoAddon 1.0.6 MergedMob 11.5.0 AuctionGUIPlus 1.2.13 InstaWall 9.11.1 FactionsFly 1.8.7 ShopGUIPlus 1.12.0 CrazyEnchantments

    ive already turned off mcmmo scoreboards
  4. Maximvdw


    as said in PM, it is a plugin that uses the player list as score. These can also bee bungeecord plugins if you have that.
  5. this issue has been solved... i eventually was able to narrow down what plugin it was. for any future help needed from people on the feather board, any ping plugin that consistently updates the ping data for players in the tab player list. this will conflict with the featherboard. on a good note the featherboard works beautifully and is worth price as well as coming with its own ping feature so you wont need the ping plugin.

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