Featherboard effect inside of an effect

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  1. Hello everyone,

    On my Featherboard, I'm trying to add 2 effects on one line.

    I want to add an effect that will get the instance of another player and run a variable through their perspective and show me the result.

    Because that is so long, I want to put it in a scroll so I can display it.

    Scroll works without otherplayer effect inside, otherplayer effect works outside of Scroll.

    I feel like this should be possible, and I don't think anything is wrong with the formatting. Still no success.

    Heres the line:
    Code (YAML):
    <scroll>&e<otherplayer player="{placeholderapi_vault_eco_top_player_1}">{placeholderapi_vault_prefix}</otherplayer> {placeholderapi_vault_eco_top_player_1}: &a${placeholderapi_vault_eco_top_balance_formatted_1}</scroll>
    (Here it is formatted to be able to read):

         <otherplayer player="{placeholderapi_vault_eco_top_player_1}">
              &e{placeholderapi_vault_prefix}    //This is what the player instance is running      

        {placeholderapi_vault_eco_top_player_1}:     //This will display their name with the formatting before.
        &a${placeholderapi_vault_eco_top_balance_formatted_1}  //This will display their balance
    In the output, the otherplayer tag is still shown.
  2. You could try making a javascript placeholder which returns the values, any reason as to why you're displaying them all in one line tho? (And considering you're using the direct identifier for the eco top placeholder, you don't actually need to use the otherplayer as it will still get parsed as the top player)