FeatherBoard Issues

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by NoisyGames, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Hello my FeatherBoard always crashes my server and now it wont start because of it. Can someone help me with this critical error
  2. May I ask how I can help with anything if I don't have a server log, a list of your plugins, a crash log? anything?
  3. It was working with all my plugins but then when I restarted the server it gave me alot of critical errors here they are:

    08.02 11:08:20 [Server] INFO If the error persists after updating, contact Maximvdw through spigot PM 08.02 11:08:20 [Server] INFO Critical startup error. Please update your plugin!
  4. Just give me the entire log instead of giving me one part of it, especially if it's a part of the log where it doesn't mention any plugin except for the fact that it's developed by Maximvdw.
  5. = Personally solving with OP via discord =
  6. Fetherboards always seem to have problems with other plugins with built-in feather boards, I would check to make sure other plugins don't have a feather board I've been there and dealt with this in the past
  7. you mean scoreboard, not featherboard, featherboard is a name of plugin, scoreboard is the functionality.
  8. Yeah my bad haha its late here