Featherboard killstreak problem

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  1. Hello, im running a spigot server on version 1.7.10 (but also supports 1.8x) I was searching for a bit for a scoreboard plugin and came across featherboard. it was a leak so the version might have been outdated, but i got it anyway. I figured out most of the vanilla variables with the plugin (example '{playername}' or '{ping}') and i figured out deaths and kills. When i came across killstreaks, i couldnt figure it out. Only a few plugins on the featherboard spigot page had killstreaks and most of them were paid except for one. It was Killstats. I got killstats but none of the variables worked on the scoreboard. I was using the variables like ths '{example}' exactly how it said on the website, where it told me to use it as '{killstats_streak}' but when i reload the scoreboard, all it displays as is exactly that: {killstats_streak}. I really want to figure out how to fix this, so if anybody could help that would be great :)

    (also heres a list of my plugins, i got rid of killstats)

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  2. Buy the plugin and we will help you.