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  1. With Featherboard, I'm displaying a Tokens variable made with Skript but it's displayed as "1.0" or "2.0", how do I remove the '.0' ? Thanks!

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  2. It's nice let's see if I buy it
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  4. i had accses to this plugin I bought it not I dont did somthing change do I have to buy it again
  5. Hello, one russian youtuber leaked your plugin! ().
    P.s it isn't advertisment!
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  6. DDR


  7. :eek:
    A leaker!
  8. Ich wollte nur damit Sie wissen
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  10. Can someone help me make animations for the title? I'm really confuse.
  11. I use the plug-in ColoredTags, when I installed your plugin I had lost in the tabla player prefixes, how can I fix it?
  12. Hello! Great plugin, but I am looking for a staff placeholder!!! Anyone know of someone who has created one OR can my Developer add on to this plugin? I'd say hes a 5 star Developer but I wanted to know if I could add on if there is some rule or copywrite? Please get back to me soon with some legal stuff if I cannot or can / if it is illegal? Thanks!!

    \\\\\\\ Riley from Chroma Network
  13. I'm trying to display a Skript variable but it doesn't work, here is my code:

    - '&eBoss Kills: &7{skript:TotalBossKills.%uuid of player%}'
  14. Kan anyone send me a link to support/forum pls???????
  15. Maximvdw


    check main page.
  16. Maximvdw


    After talking to all test users the final requirements/goals for Fe4therBoard are set.
    It will still take a few months to finish but the development for the new major started
  17. I've requested this multiple times through his freshdesk and each and every time no response was ever given. I had been asking for a couple of months.

    I really hope that these placeholders can be introduced.
  18. I was wondering if you can resize it and if you can remove the 3 at the end of the title.