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  1. I don't know the best place to ask for support, but I am using Featherboard with Per world and wanted to know if I can have a default scoreboard for worlds that don't have one?
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    the most important question is how you assigned it per world - did you change the scoreboard-assign config or did you give permission for the scoreboards?

    in case you used WORLD scoreboard assigning
    Code (Text):
    - 'WORLD'
    you can add permission as the '2nd option'. In that case, simply give everyone a default scoreboard (default.yml - in terms of priority it will first pick the world, then the PERMISSION-based scoreboard assigning
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    It's not an issue in featherboard, it seems the ban or kick plugin is removing the player twice. My assumption is that this is a lobby in a bungee network?
  4. Yes
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    Does your ban plugin ban players on bungee level (bungee plugin) and/or spigot level (spigot plugin)?
  6. mohist can't start with featherboard

    I have remove my review.

    crash report
  7. Spigot level on hub - it's my own ban plugin to be honest, and he kick player instant after join if he has a ban (sometimes featherboard display error, after join - but not always).
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    This is an issue in ProtocolSupport that has been reported in January 2020. The author indicated he does not want to fix it.

    ProtocolSupport cuts the prefix to support team colors in older versions. But it does not provide any tools to prevent this or modify this "clamp" behavior
  9. in 'string', line 85, column 5:
    expected <block end>, but found Scalar
    in 'string', line 86, column 51:
    ... th="29">&6{Skript:level.%player's uuid%}&6 LEVEL &f/ &e{Skript:e ...

    i want to Put Skript Variables in the Scoreboard
    but error
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    Your yaml is not valid
  11. Weird cause i was using Viaversion with viabackaward and got this issue, then i switch to ProtocolSupport and it work
  12. hello have you a solution to fix your plugin on mohist ?
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    I checked, but the prot ocol is not created/used by featherboard - so it is most likely triggered by another plugin (maybe some plugin that featherboard uses placeholders for) - Featherboard works on forge
  14. Is something like this possible with featherboard ?


    I tried this: <placeholder>placeholderapi_math_1:_2.237*{placeholderapi_wind_speed_short}</placeholder>

    And it didn't work either

    This kinda worked: <calc round>2.237*{placeholderapi_wind_speed_short}</calc>

    But it shows to many decimal places.

    This seemed to work: <calc round=1>2.237*{placeholderapi_wind_speed_short}</calc>

    But now it only shows a whole number with no decimals.

    There was probably a better way to do this, but I got it.
    <round decimals="2"><calc>2.237*{placeholderapi_wind_speed_short}</calc></round>
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    As I mentioned in the post before you created that link. The author needs to provide an api before I can even attempt to solve it. Think of protocolsupport like a robot who intercepts all your emails, and changes the content. If you do not have an api to prevent the robot from changing the emails, you can write or attempt to send whatever email you want.. It will still get replaced.

    The same thing is with protocolsupport, it's a protocol layer that changes every outgoing packet (even if you send raw packets) in order to make them "compatible" with older versions. Even with an api, I feel like it kinda defeats the purpose of ProtocolSupport that advertises itself as a compatibility layer between versions