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  1. You removing mvdwplaceholderapi? and just sticking to papi?
    damn thats sad news.
  2. OK so I am having trouble with the placeholders they are not working the correct way I don't know what is going on. i want the tps to show but when i use {tps_rounded} it show just the text {tps_rounded}
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    Please read the latest changelogs
  4. Currently using the 5.0.3b on my 1.16.5 server with ViaRewind.
    Half of the board is missing, likely due to the limit of the characters on versions older than 1.13
    Is there a solution to this currently? If not, should I contact FeatherBoard or ViaRewind for support?
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    It's an issue in viarewind. It was present in protocolsupport and viarewind but was fixed in protocolsupport a few months ago
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  7. any way that a placeholder that includes a symbol like "$" can be filtered out of a result before use? i'd like to use the {spark_cpu_system_10s} placeholder for CPU usage but it displays as "###%", rather than a direct integer and the progressbar effect cannot parse it correctly.

    could I somehow nest the placeholder within another effect to format it differently so that progressbar can interpret it correctly?
    using Featherboard 4.30.0 & MVDWAPI 3.1.1 on
    Airplane-"a13c511" (MC: 1.16.5) (Implementing API version 1.16.5-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    Code (Text):
    <progressbar max="400" scale="18">{spark_cpu_system_10s}</progressbar>
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    Featherboard 5 should fix this issue
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    I use java 14
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    featherboard 5 requires java 15 or higher
  12. Can you please add support for java 16 for the latest stable version? I have to update to java 16 because PlotSquared v6 only supports java 16.
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    Use Featherboard 5 with Java 16
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  15. Thanks for the reply, It's partly working. It seems to add a random 0 at the end? (Other servers don't have decimal places so seems odd


    Is there a way to make the scoreboard dynamic? (So it lists servers with the highest playercount to lowest?)


    If you connect with any version before 1.16.5 only half of the scoreboard shows up, Any ideas on what could be causing this?

    Thanks in advance
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    The placeholders are outdated (so you have to change {onlineplayers...} to a papi equivalent for player count. This example changes the numbers on the side to the amount of players, so a higher number will be listed on top. |%xxx%| before a line will change the red number to the count of the placeholder (if its numeric)

    Protocolsupport does not have this issue - this is an issue in ViaRewind/Backwards

    You can try to round it:
    <round><calc>%xxx% + %yyyy%</calc></round>