/featherboard toggle not working

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  1. have FeatherBoard, Tab, and AnimatedNames. FeatherBoard is set to anti-flicker version 3.

    Today I noticed that /fb Toggle and /fb Off don't make the board go away, they just make it stop updating.

    I could try and config my way around this by adding a blank scoreboard and aliasing /fb toggle to switch between the two, but as this is a workaround and not a fix, I was wondering if this was a known issue.
  2. Cmd log please + config of featherboard
  3. 09/09/2018 18:36:01
    18:36:01 UUID of player VergilPrime is 82bd54e2-46b5-415b-80c8-e960c9e64599
    18:36:02 VergilPrime[/] logged in with entity id 34903 at ([world]-415.60209486692054, 70.0, 24.08486973307814)
    18:36:18 VergilPrime issued server command: /fb toggle
    18:36:23 VergilPrime issued server command: /fb toggle
    18:36:26 VergilPrime issued server command: /fb off

  4. I tried disabling AnimatedNames and Tab to see if it would fix the issue. It did not. @Maximvdw are you around?

    Edit: Confirmed only effects ANTI_FLICKER_V3
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Maximvdw


    it may be a bug, v1 should work - fix this