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  1. When i add Ping > {ping} theres a big delay and it's slow moving... how do i fix it? do i put -1 for the interval part to make the ping not delay?
  2. i
    it's slowly going down... i have 74-79 ping all times and when i join you know how it says a high ping but it's not the ping you have? that just went down to 100 from 350 and took 30mins....
  3. I don't think it's a FeatherBoard problem. It's your internet problem. It seems to be a problem with another plugin.
  4. Are you the creator of this plugin? If not then you won't know the problem cause my internet is just fine.....
  5. No We recommend that you contact the FeatherBoard creator first.
  6. I do not know how to ... No discord support and the link to contact is through this section so yeah ...
  7. Use FeatherBoard discussion.
  8. Ok thanks