Feature or Flaw? Half builds or ruins in Villages

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  1. I am finding in a spigot 1.10 deployment that the world generator on some villages created half a house or just a wall. I am not sure if this is a flaw, or if it is suppose to represent ruins. Perhaps I have something that caused the generator to hickup. I wonder if lack of memory or other could cause that. I have 2 gig on the server. Anyone else experianceing this?
  2. I edited the first fail link. Please try the pintrest link to the image.
  3. Yup seeing it around my world's. I hope it will be patched and allow the villages to auto fix themselves or at least worldedit //regen fixes it once patched.
  4. Spigot 1.10 is very bugged. I advice you to use 1.9 for now.
  5. Glitch seems to be still active and effects most dark wood villages. On the bright side it seems once its patched you can just //regen the area and it will fix it. Or at least I hope.
  6. Please report on bug tracker.
  7. I have never done such so I am unaware how to properly report a Spigot bug yet. Is that under the "Issues" tab?
  8. Yes, but you will need to register.
  9. I don't think this is a spigot issue. World generation is handled by the Mojang binaries Spigot/Bukkit runs with edits by plugins. This is most likely a Mojang issue.

    If anyone wants to verify/disprove that, be my guest.
  10. Couldn't the devs of spigot make villages upside down and all trees pink if they wanted to? I assume this because world generation is server side. However it's possible it's a Mojang bug and it was missed when updating spigot to 1.10. After all spigot uses some mojang code to update stuff versions. I feel if this is a mojang issue spigot could patch it before even mojang does. Unless it's a stupid complex glitch that requires a recode on mojangs side and spigot doesn't want to mess with it. I guess one of us will have to try single player mode and find a few villages to find out.

    I just hope I can fix all my glitched villages everywhere sooner or later.
  11. Can I have a seed and coordinates? You can try the seed in a singleplayer world and see if it has the same issue.
  12. LOL. This is vastly understated. Few people realize how much of the Bukkit API is just a wrapper for the server jar Mojang provides.

    If you wanted to correctly verify it, you wouldn't use single player. You'd have to use the mojang provided server jar.
  13. Singleplayer just runs a server anyway.
  14. Just eliminating variables.
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  15. Eh so mojang bugs really can slip past into the spigot api undiscovered... Would spigot leave it for mojang to fix or would they fix it themselves?
  16. If you have verified it to be a Mojang issue, I'd report it to them.