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  1. Helllo spigot,
    so after a few weeks of development, I've finished my first big project that I coded alone. Its a KitPvP plugin. I plan to release it to spigotmc as a free resource and is already open-source on github. However, its still quite new a buggy.

    I was wondering if anyone could spare the time to have a look at the plugin, give some feedback, report any bugs and give suggestions. If you dont want to try out the plugin, just some feedback on the other things such as the github, wiki or source code would be useful as well.

    Source code
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  2. Looks like you’ve got a great setup.

    One thing that I may suggest is adding an “Installation” section to your readme or link to it from separate documentation (if it’s somewhere down the tree). This may be even more necessary if the installation process requires extra attention.
  3. It seems like a great kitpvp plugin! The only thing I found is that when you perform the command /kit, you are able to grab the black stained glass pane and put it into your inventory, not sure if that issue happens just for me. Nonetheless, great setup.
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  4. Ah yes, I have noticed this bug and I need to note it down so I remeber to fix it.

  5. Fixed here