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  1. My plugin OreMarket is finally re-released after months of letting it collect dust in a broken form. I want to know how you all feel about it and if you like it or if I should add/remove/fix anything. Everything is open source too so feel free to bully my code :)

    OreMarket is a customisable stock market for ores! Buy and sell them just like real life

    I've also spent ages making the wiki and resource page so let me know if you like them :)
  2. A resource is meant for sharing utilities, code or tutorials.

    Alright, lets see ... Its considered rude to re-host the jars of other plugins, please refrain from doing that. If you aren't careful and do this with a plugin that has a different lisence you can get into legal trouble over this.

    Your approach of using file references like that defeats the purpose of something like maven. If you cannot find a proper public repo, you can just run a local file install and access it like that.

    Something thats frequently misunderstood would be package names, if you do not own a domain the proper namespace is "me.author.project" rather then anything else.

    Naming conventions should be kept uniform too, your packages aren't supposed to be capitalised.

    Configuration entries should be properly serialized into your own data structures, its just bad practice to retain configuration objects in the way you did.
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  3. Also, the "Plugin Development" section is for helping with plugin development, not for overall feedback. And, well, you got your resource discussion thread for those purposes.
  4. I just had them in the project to keep it simple. Ill prevent doing this in the future.

    At one point I did own olliejw.com. If I can get a nice website template, I will make it again.

    Changed it now