[Feedback] What plugin should I develop next?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by MCAeolus, May 10, 2015.

  1. (Small Backstory)
    Hi! My name is MCAeolus. Now, I have watched the community for a long time, but have only recently become active in it. I develop plugins, but most have been private until my late release of UnbreakingAnvils.

    I created UnbreakingAnvils after looking around and only finding one (outdated) resource to stop anvils from breaking. So, I set out and made this one. I released it because I found it to be unique, and beneficial to server owners that needed a plugin with features like that.

    (Actual Thread Topic)
    Now, I am in the mood to develop more public plugins!
    I enjoy making plugins that are unique, and that haven't already been developed five bazillion times already. (Glares at all the existing Survival Games plugins) Speaking of SG, I usually don't attempt large plugin projects, as I am notorious for leaving large projects abandoned and moving on to other things :p. So, now to my question! What should I develop next? Whether it be something like lootchests, or a custom hologram feature, there are many things to do. If the project is really taxing enough, I will most likely make it a premium resource. (But i'll only sell it for 99 US cents.)

    Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to read any and all feedback/suggestions!
  2. You could create a shop plugin. They are fairly easy to make, but they utilize a lot of skills (ie. configuration, events, commands, third party APIs (for economy), data storage, etc.) so if you want more practice and a learning experience that could be the best plugin for you. Also, I haven't really seen any good ones that are up to date re
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  3. Not a bad suggestion, but economies (especially more developed ones) tend to become larger projects (and not necessarily exciting projects :p), so I would most likely end up abandoning it :/. Who knows though, we'll see!
  4. I'm not saying to create an economy, but rather a plugin that acts as a shop within an existing economy plugin. You can hook into the server's economy system via Vault.
  5. Ah, I see. Hmm, I'll look into this tomorrow! Thanks for the suggestion :D
  6. A plugin can remove the item with timer(item expired), add timer to the item till it expired. I was searching alot and found none like that :C
  7. Clearlagg does
  8. I've been looking for a plugin that allows players to exchange player heads in their inventory for other player heads of their choice. For example, if I'm in survival and have a 'Notch' player head I'd like to be able to type in a command to exchange it for a 'Jeb' player head. From what I've seen no such plugin exists, and I don't think it would be too hard to make. =p
  9. Hmm, I may look into this, aswell. Doesn't sound too bad.
  10. not the item on grounds, i want those item on player inventory