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    First, I apologize if this isn't the proper forum for my questions. Move the read as needed, just had a few questions because I am interested in setting up my servers with Bungee.

    Here is a background of how our servers are setup at the moment:
    --One Dedicated Server running 3 MC Servers--
    - Survival Server (80 slots, full everyday - mc.awnw.net)
    - Skyblock Server (50 slots, never full - sky.awnw.net)
    - HungerGames Server (50 slots, never full - hg.awnw.net)
    --All servers are whitelisted--

    What I wanted to do (ideally) is to setup a lobby where people login to (perhaps connecting to mc.awnw.net) and will encounter portals to the 3 different servers. This way all of our players who play on our Survival server but can't get in because its full can easily access Skyblock or HG.

    After looking through the Bungee Config, it seems this is the perfect thing for what I want to do. But now I have some questions:
    - What server should the lobby be run on? Should it be a separate world on one of our current servers? Or a completely different server with it's own IP?
    - Is Bungee something I should be using for this? If I do run Bungee/lobby on a separate server, will having that plus the 3 servers all on one machine be ok?

    Hope these questions make sense. Just trying to cover my basis before building a lobby and getting one setup. Thanks in advance for any help :)
  2. BungeeCord Development is only for BungeeCord plugin development help I believe. That said, I don't see any other sections to post bungeecord server-related questions...

    I suggest to run the lobby on it's own server. Easier to manage, and has a lot of advantages. First of all, having a lobby run on it's own server is probably more stable : if one of the server crashes, you can just have a plugin that kicks everyone to the lobby, presenting them again with portals to the different servers, optionally with a message telling them the server they were on disconnected them or something.
    Second of all, it's easier to manage as far as "where should the player spawn" goes : If the hub is on a different world of a server, when the player connects to that server, should they go to the lobby, or to where he was on last logout ?

    Yes. The lobby server shouldn't have a lot to handle anyway, and bungeecord's impact on the machine is minimal.

    No problem. Here's how I'd set up the server :
    - Set up mc.awnw.net, sky.awnw.net, hg.awnw.net and lobby.awnw.net (or however you want to call the lobby server) pointing to bungeecord's IP:pORT combo through SRV records in the DNS.
    - In bungeecord, link all 4 servers
    - In bungeecord's config.yml, disable force_default_server, and use forced hosts instead, pointing lobby.awnw.net to the lobby server, mc.awnw.net to the survival server, etc...
    - Enjoy.
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    Thanks for the info so far! One more question, could I also rename my survival server survival.awnw.net and name my lobby mc.awnw.net? Wouldn't that be an easier transition for my player-base who is already familiar with connecting to mc.awnw.net?

    If that is the case, than this makes much more sense now :)
  4. Well, the idea was to let users who are used to mc.awnw.net still be able to directly connect to the survival server. If you map mc.awnw.net to the lobby, they'll be forced to either use the portal each time, or change the IP they use to connect to. I don't think it would have a huge impact on your playerbase anyway if you put a word in the MOTD saying "This is lobby, for survival use (new ip here)" for a little while.