few millions of errors! Log file has 9GB

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  1. Hi, is very strange but my server works fine since December. I have 40 - 50 players online. But Today something wrong happened. I changed nothing till yesterday. My log file has 9GB, I opened it by splitted the log file to smaller parts. Here is the logs when problem starts: (First errors, there was few millions more)


    Please, help me. I am loosing my players. I even can pay someone to fix it.
  2. it seems like some player was clicking slot 128 somewhere a lot..?
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  4. I noticed that my lobby server was crashing too. Someone crash my lobby and then join to my survival and he crashed it. So it is not plugins fault. I will install packet limiter and I will deny to join from 1.8
  5. Just asking, but how did you come to the conclusion that it's a problem from minecraft version 1.8? I can see that a plugin called DynamicShop, PreciousStones and trade throws the errors, but they are probably not the root of the probelm. As they mentioned above some can click on 128nth slot which is greater than the inventory size.
  6. Becouse someone told me that there is a hack for 1.8 to allow to do this
  7. Yeah you tend to get that when you use a version that's more than 5 years old and unsupported. As @blaukat said, try some community plugins that try to patch these things. Updating would be the simplest, though I've already heard the answer to that suggestion a thousand times.

    Also, which 1.8 version is it? Try to use at least the latest of 1.8.
  8. I have a server on 1.15.2 but I installed protocolsupport and players from 1.8 clients can join. Now They cant. I unistalled it.
  9. Those plugins generally tend to break things in weird ways. Although that might not be the actual issue, let us know if that fixed it.
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  10. I found out exactly who was lagging my server. First. he was advertising his server and then he starts to sending a lot of bad packets. I know is him becouse he first tested it on my lobby server few minutes before it. He was only 1 player on my lobby server.
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  11. looking at your error, the player just sent a packet of clicking slot 128 and with time the server just crashed?
  12. I tried ProtocolSupport, but had problems with it using 3+ GB of memory for no good reason. The Via suite has just been updated to support 1.15.2 And ViaVersion includes a packet rate limiter.

    Go to https://ci.viaversion.com/view/All/ and get ViaVersion-Abstraction, ViaBackwards-Abstraction, and ViaRewind-DEV.
  13. if there is a way to crash your server with 1.8 client - then a hacked client may be able to make same feature in a newer version and crash your server from there, bugs need to be fixed on server's side.
  14. Thanks but its old thread, I fixed it many days ago. I just installed PacketLimiter and ExploitFixer