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  1. Hello,

    All my server are located under the user mcSxd and now I have the problem my other owner should have access to the files but he has no knowledge about Linux and I am now looking for a way the grant him the access doesn't matter if it's via a webpanel or and software.

    Thank you for your help in advance


  2. I suggest installing FTP.

    He can connect with the IP, username and password through a simple GUI. I suggest FileZilla and he can easily access all the files without any Linux knowledge.

    Top is login and output, left is your files and right is server files.
  3. But how can I keep the file owner by mcSxd and grant access to the user without setting file rights to 777
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    1.) Make a new user group via "groupadd filegroup"
    2.) Add both linux users mcSxd and the other guys to the group via "adduser <USER> filegroup"
    3.) Chown the directory to the group via "chown :filegroup /your/directory ; chmod -R g+rwX /your/directory"

    Should work?
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