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  1. So I’ve been using file zilla for a while but it just started to act up. Whenever I try to move a file off file zilla on to my desktop or into a folder on my desktop it says something along the lines of “no destination found”

    Can anyone help? Thanks so much!
  2. Try using the sftp way of transferring files, instead of plain text old ftp? (they are your ssh credentials)
    Anyway, regardless, can you post a screenshot or a log of the full error because "along the lines" can just mean you're interpretation of the actual error.
  3. Yeah I’m not home currently I’ll do it in a bit? Is there a better ftp program I could try
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    You could try WinSCP. I prefer (and recommend) SFTP via FileZilla when on Windows - maybe try a reinstall or update? And yes, a screenshot or log would be helpful.
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  5. Try to set FileZilla connection port to 22 to enable SFTP.
  6. I tryed that and it didnt work

    *This is error message*

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  9. You can use WinSCP (
    I use it, too (since FileZilla has this Problem)

    But you can also do stuff from server to your Desktop (Pc) when you use the System in FileZilla which is normally on the left side.
  10. Yeah I’ve been dealing with this problem for a few months now and I followed a few links for how to solve it but didn’t get anywhere at the end, I only bypass it by using the file explorer thing in the left panel
  11. Yes same here. What I already said