Praise Finally, a community that's like me.

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  1. Thank you Spigot. Thank you.

    After looking at some of the recent threads, I've realized Spigot is a collection of server owners who are not only willing to give back to the community, but also have that.... oh, extra touch. A community that revolves around, not the money, not the people, but the end product. People that care about quality; not quantity, not profit margins. Bukkit is revolving around the developers and people who need help, but Spigot is more mature - beyond the 10 year olds screaming about their YAML.

    Though I don't use Bungeecord, I might switch in the future. Thank you, those who made this happen.
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  2. BungeeCord in my opinion is the only software/proxy/whatever you call it, I would ever use. I signed up to the Lilypad Forums and they were unfriendly and the administrator is not well know or have a reputation for anything. md_5 has a large reputation and has a forum of nice and smart server administrators.
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  3. <3
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    I am in complete agreement about this. In the short time I've been with Spigot already, I have been thoroughly impressed about how amazing this community is. I haven't even been using Spigot for a week and I'm just totally blown away. md_5 has done a fantastic job creating not only superb server software, but an amazing community as well.

    Thanks to md_5, the moderators, the wiki team, the developers… everyone who has made this happen!
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    aww how cute.
  6. Spigot is awesome <3 .. Someone has always helped me out when I post for help :3
  7. The community... They're just so... hateful in my opinion!
  8. I might as well talk to my cat then get help there.
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    Moreover, your cat will provide a more constructive answer!
  10. Sometimes I feel my cat is more intelligent, too.
  11. Want a picture of my cat when I tried talking to him? This is really him no kidding.
  12. @jordanzill02 that cat looks familiar. I think he was on the bukkit forums :p
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  13. I posted him there too I also tried talking to him then so I remembered my picture and then uploaded it here.
  14. This thread is now a discussion about cats...
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    And we make awesome banners for your sig :D
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    You forgot to add a cat on the banner.
  17. I personally dislike the Bukkit moderators rather than the community. I was a moderator for the classic server software MCForge for two and a half years before we shutdown. Bukkit Moderators are just heartless and are extremely dull members of the community. And since they are the most active staff members, it doesn't put a nice light on operations over there.

    The staff members here are far more entertaining.
    Also the Spigot community doesn't have 30,000 threads about how to setup permissions, which is great.
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  18. Works quite well really. The 12 yr old wannabe server owners have a community just for them, and the proper owners have a community too ;)
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    I totally agree with the OP.

    In comparison to The Bukkit Forums, there aren't any screaming 7 year olds moaning about "how to startz mc serverz?!?!", Permission files or more. Besides, the moderators there are first class respect less people, that give you infractions for the most little things (Making fun of the above named problems, eg. Being sarcastic, which they see as "Insulting, abusing, etc.")

    Spigot all the way...
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  20. LiLChris and nhadobas do a brilliant job keeping us noob-free too ;) I think they should just put in every lock notification: Please visit :p
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