Finding a cheap server host with Paymentwall as a form of payment.

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  1. I have 4 servers that has bungeecord and im looking for a cheap server host that accepts paymentwall as a form of payment.

    I have googled everywhere but most cheap host only accept paypal.

    I currently have my eyes on but the price doesnt exactly fit my budget.

    My current server provider is ShockByte.
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  2. Out of luck man :p. Get PayPal, or an expensive host.
  3. You can contact the host and see if they will accept it. Most hosts are flexible, even though they just advertise their payment gateway as PayPal only. Another way to pay is to get a VISA or MasterCard gift card using PaymentWall (pretty sure gift card sellers accept it) and use that at checkout.
  4. I recomend GGServers
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  5. I don't.
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  6. Wouldn't use either of those hosts
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  7. Bit late to reply sorry, but how come you wouldn't recommend
  8. Hey, pretty sure its cause you dont get unlimited ssd storage, dosnt use and dosnt really have the best name. And its also overpriced at the price $5/gb whereas you can get exactly what has for $0.70/gb at Great support, i7's, ssd's e.t.c

    EDIT: Sorry if this is considered a big bump for some people
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    You don't recommend a company not offering "unlimited" SSD storage, then you recommend a site that puts a hard limit on SSD storage. Kinda ironic? At 70 cents per GB, you're giving away a lot of basic features.. 10GB disk limit even on 8GB RAM plan.
  10. ExtraVM is not expensive at all. I know it's a point of perspective, but $3/GB is extremely cheap and to find someone as active as him at that price is a good deal. Think about how expensive a decent server is and then do the math. A business that isn't making profit or little profit won't be around forever. Also nothing is unlimited so I suggest staying away from anywhere advertising that. Sorry for the rant.
  11. I once had a server from a German host ( that claimed to provide unlimited disc space. One day, my world got corrupted because the disc had no space left. They "fixed" it by deleting some of my files...
  12. First of all you can ask to upgrade disk limit, second of all i was making a comparison to another site that has everything has, at a cheaper price. $0.70 vs $5.00 same features, pretty sure i would go for the $0.70/gb. Even if you want unlimited ssd you can get it for $1.35/gb at ugn. Still much cheaper then $5/gb
  13. I had Mc servers on those hosting and are the worst hosting's i ever bought servers, they have multicraft plaform, right, but when you want help or support from them, they are like makeing you a favor, on replying you and even their connections are not stable.

    Dude, if you want to make a great server, use UNIX O.S. like ubuntu or CentOS, and create your own servers consoles in there, in any hosting that provides you a Dedicated server or a VPS, like or They only accept Paypal and Credit Cards (VISA-MASTERCARD)

    If you help setting up a Dedicated or a VPS, just tell me.

    Regards man and Good luck!
  14. If you want normal non-vm hosting, MelonCube is great.
  15. i'm using ShockByte host now,
    but im recommend you to use Aquaits host!

    cheap + multi servers location!
  16. $0.70/GB is not sustainable even with massive overselling and overloading. I don't know of any places selling dedicated servers that would even break even at that price. Even hosting the hardware themselves co-location would cost more. Not to mention fees and taxes.
  17. They use their own hardware, i use them and their great for the price. Especially since they use i7's and ssd's, they are able to afford it because they use pterodactyl panel. Plus if your wondering how they afford the co-location they own the datacenter

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