Finding a Command-Based Shop Plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by 666CHUD666, May 20, 2017.

  1. Hello, I am after a simple command-based shop plugin which is NOT gui or chest shop based, and can be easily configured from a config file. I have tried essentialsecon but it seems to only have a sell option, and no buy option.

    A list of features I am after
    > Configuration via a config file, for prices and everything
    > No GUI preferable, but if the GUI shop has command based buying and selling too, thatll work
    > Commands to buy sell check prices etc
    > Command allowing you to sell all items in your inventory matching what youre holding (like a heldsell feature)
    > Works with 1.11.2
    > Stable with good documentation
  2. Anyone able to help...?
  3. There are many shop plugins out there. QuickSell is a good shop plugin if you're looking to sell items in a pre-determined shop, such as a mine shop or something. If not, ShopGUIPlus is a good plugin, although it does have a GUI. The command is /shop, but you can determine both sell and buy prices through the configs, and there is a way to sell your blocks: middle clicking the mouse scroll wheel when hovering the item in /shop. These are the only 2 shop-related plugins that I know of... Hope it helped...
  4. Essentials has both, sell and buy, just make sure you have enabled both of the signs in essentials config.
  5. But I'm not after a sign shop, I'm after something where you do like /buy [item] [amount] to buy an item, not click on a sign