Finding a plug-in that lets me emulate WoW-like language differences through minecraft text chat

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  1. I have never played World of Warcraft, but this is the most concise way to express what I mean.

    To be more precise, I am part of 2 groups of friends from 2 different countries, and both want me to host a vanilla Minecraft server for us to have fun with 1.17, neither of the groups know about the existence of the other yet, although I think they would get along great.
    I see this as a unique opportunity to bring them together in a very fun and interesting way. Which is by not telling them that they will join a shared server, assigning them to 2 (hidden) groups and making any communication between the two groups look like gibberish, but only to members of the opposite group.

    Bonus points if chat messages coming from a group are broadcasted globally to members of the group while having those same messages be treated as local to members of the opposite group. Making it seem like the chat is working normally until someone from a different group is close by

    Something else I would like to try is hiding a group from the other in the player list so there is no way for them to know that there are others in the server, and also making signs look like gibberish to members of the other group so there is no cheating the text chat. However, those two things are both outside of the scope of this thread (which is about chat features), and much more difficult to accomplish.

    Thank you for any help finding a plugin that makes this possible, google has not been kind to me, although I might just be missing the right keywords.
  2. Many chat plugins could be customised for Groups, but more specialized communinication methods such as signs etc. would have to be customized.

    This would require a custom plugin development.
    You would need to pay developers for this specialized service.

    Whilst your idea sounds reasonable it would for now be a niche market at this time