Finding money to buy a dedi

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  1. Heyo. So I am constantly reading the forums and seeing people asking about their dedis and what dedis to get. There is nothing wrong with this but I am wondering where you all get your money from. My parents certainly wouldn't buy it for me. Getting a job is a struggle for me at the moment and my development work is not getting me enough money to buy one and have enough money left over for normal expenses. So, do you guys have any tips and if its okay, where do you guys get enough money to pay for these monthly.

  2. Make servers and sell it on McMarket you could make around 25$ to 50$ for each server.
    And KimSufi or a small VPS would just cost you under 30$ month but what are you trying do?
  3. What do you mean make servers?

    Also, looking for a 16GB Intel Dedi
  4. You don't necessarily need a dedicated server. You can easily get a $3 VPS from OVH (Or many other companies if you're an ovh Nazi). I personally get all my money from doing development for people. Gradually it will become easier to make money through programming however it's generally quite difficult if you're not very experience or don't have a good network of customers. Keep programming and creating things for people and gradually the money you earn will start to increase.
  5. They are paid for from server donations.

    If you are looking for a cheap intel dedi, I would recommend a US KS-4 from Kimsufi. They are only $27 a month and will that system you will be able to host 100+ players per core.
  6. Paying it all from server donations, development jobs and sometimes my own salary. It is important to be sure you can pay your servers every months, if you can't pay them the host will most likely shut them down the minute they are overdue.
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