Solved Finding whats blocking bats to be killed

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by mmuziek, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Well hello there!

    I have a small question i updated my server and all plugins some weeks ago to 1.15
    however now all bats cannot be killed anymore not even with the /kill command.

    i seriously try to find the plugin thats blocking the deathevent of the bats and such but i have no clue i have over 100 plugins so ye

    Is there any way to read which plugins get triggered if i damage a bat.
    that would narrow down the problem

    thanks in advance
  2. Actually there is noway to handle it. Just if u change the source code of the event listener. So you have to workout wich plugin it could be. Btw with multiverse you can block the spawining of specifics entitys.
  3. damn thats really a pain
  4. I think WorldGuard has a feature similar to this, not sure if exactly this, to detect what cancels damage
  5. well i installed a plugin manager and started to disable all plugins that might alter it.
    after 36 plugins i found it this topic can be closed now however spigot or any dev if ur watching this topic please implement a feature to see those things
  6. what plugin was it?