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  1. Lately I have contacted 15+ youtubers with only 2 replies. One of these replies was positive but I got no replies afterwards and the other one was negative. I was wondering how you guys get in contact with youtubers and if possible PM me if you know any I can get in contact with (Looking for 15k-100k and an average of 5k-10k views a video)
  2. For youtubers with such an amount of views you pay, there's no other way around.

    You contact them using an email in their youtube page.
  3. I am paying and I have contacted them via their email.
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    The server may not be beneficial for them to promote, they may not get a good feedback. Plus, the amounts you are offering may be a bit low
  5. It's pretty difficult to find youtubers who would like to record factions. What do you think the email should look like?