Spigot Fire-Walker The new. V of Firewalker

Spawns fire around a player

  1. DhaCrafter submitted a new resource:

    FIRE-WALKER - Walk like a burning man.

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  2. Add the lava pop particle effect on walk? Or the flame effect, to make it a bit more nicer.
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  3. Then you walking makes flame for nicer walking :D
  4. im curious... could i make all fire that occurs on my server, be a "not real" fire?
    sometimes i end up not needing most of fire mechanics, and looking into this plugins overview made me think.. maybe i can just make fire "not real" instead of finding ways to disable spread, disable item drop damage, time the fires, control where it can be used, the bug where it breaks mushrooms n stuff,
    i realize i might not wanna use it as much as i still want mobs burnable from fire but, still, curious about how far we can take this ability to send "fake fires" :) ty
  5. Add screen shots / video please thanks