Spigot Firework Eggs 2.2 - 1.9 Update

Eggs turn into fireworks

  1. CrystallFTW submitted a new resource:

    Firework Eggs - Eggs turn into fireworks

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  2. I'm working on an update that will be done in a few days.
    I will add some particles :D
  3. Hey when I throw the egg I can't get it to show any particles
  4. Are you using 1.8?
  5. Alright, I'll have to recode some things about particles because they don't work with 1.8. I will post tomorrow (04.07) a new update.
  6. JBS


    @CrystallFTW , Really like your plugin. Can you add a command to give players a firework egg? I would like this eggs to use as a gadget too. So i can give players ammo/eggs.
  7. You can use Essentials for that. Just give them the item with the name and lore of the firework egg that you have in your configs.