firework hack crashing server

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  1. Hey!

    I experienced a hack involving lots of firework on my server. Two player joined the Creativeworld without any region permission and started a giant firework which causing the server to stop responding, run timed_waiting loops and finally crash. They didnt left any suspicious action in the log and no permanent damage has been done. Does anybody know such a hack and/or how to prevent it. I havent manage to find it yet. Thanks in advanced.

  2. They likely used a command block or mod such as TMI to create a firework item that spawns 10+ firework explosions when they reach X blocks up. I doubt this is anything more than the server's ram not being able to keep up with partials being rendered. There is at least one plugin on Spigot that removes 'illegal' items from being in people's inventory, I'd try to find it in your case. The other obvious solution is disabling fireworks via any creative limitation plugin.
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  3. Try ItemFixer plugin. I think it can help
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  4. Or try to block those items with a plugin