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  1. So, I picked the hardware I wanted, and have selected a server on OVH. But during the configuration, it asked me what OS I want. I knew Linux would be best, but damn I didn't know there were so many variances of linux. I also didn't think through what control panel to pick. I'm inclined towards Debian w/ a Plesk control panel, but I'm not sure. What would be the best OS and control panel to use?
  2. I run debian with no control panel. All you need is SSH really
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  3. SSH?
  4. Its how you connect to you server remotely. Most likely using putty if you are a windows user.
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  5. Secure Shell. It will allow you to connect to your server with an SSH client.

    I also use Debian with no control panel.
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  6. Don't see the option for SSH in OVH. :(
  7. It is part of the OS by default. You just need a client on your PC to connect to it
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  8. Firstly,

    How much experience do you have with Linux in general?
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  9. None. I was already told it wouldn't be terribly difficult to figure out, I could simply google things I needed help with.
  10. I personally would select Debian 6 or 7. 7 was just released so I personally would want to play with that :p. For the most part anything you need can be found on the internet, there is tons of support for linux if you just google your issues.

    You have a lot of learning and work ahead of you.
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  11. Here is the Putty download:

    Also, before you start piecing your server together, I suggest creating a new user account to store your MC files and run MC from. It is best practice not to run things as root. A lot less risk that way.
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  12. Alright. But do you know which of the options from
    I would pick to be able to use SSH? Their terminology on the page is confusing to a first-time dedicated user :p
  13. joehot200


    Luther, SSH COMES BY DEFAULT, this means that you will have to do nothing to be able to use it. To use SSH, download PUTTY, then put your servers' IP, and connect. Choose the login "root" until you have made other logins, and the password will be whatever you have set your password to.
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  14. joehot200
    I got that. I'm asking which of the options to hit to go with no control panel...
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  15. I personally would go with the raw distribution. Which I assume is going to be a minimal install. Meaning it will not have any applications in place when they turn the server over to you.

    Basically what you would need to do would be install the latest Java, and maybe some applications like: htop and unzip. I also like to run byobu to manage my sessions.

    Code (Text):

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade
    apt-get install htop
    apt-get install unzip
    apt-get install byobu
    wget --no-check-certificate --no-cookies --header "Cookie:" ""
    This will get you started and have Java downloaded, you will just need to install it.
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  16. They email you the root password after install. You just need to connect with PuTTY on port 22 (default).

    Hit the Linux option, at the next step choose Debian and don't select the control panel...
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    Some nice screenies I have captured to go with instructions

    1. Download Putty from and click the link as shown.

    2. Open the downloaded file and input the IP / hostname of the server into the fields shown. Hostname may be similar to

    3. Enter root as a login and strike enter. Then type in the password as given via email. Note the password will not show any activity as you enter it, this is normal. Just ensure you type it correctly!


    4. Welcome to SSH for your server. Depending on what operating system you have chosen, the commands will be different, but ever so slightly.

    Here are some basic commands for example - link
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  18. brajo

    Damn, thanks dude!
  19. jtaylor69

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    No problem. Happy to help!