First join teleport in world

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  1. Hi,

    I have a world named Spawn with Multiverse-Core. I already set the spawn in it, but when a player join for the first time my server, he is first at the spawn, but after a few loads he is teleported to the world 'world'. I already changed the level-name in or tried to add plugins, but I can't understand why it did that.
    When the player join after, he is at spawn then, with no tp.
    It just appeared at the first time join.

    Here in the logs :
    But I don't understand why, he is teleported in the world named world. My plugin to set spawn is EasySetSpawn. I already did /setworldspawn or /mv setspawn but no result then.
    I tried too a few plugins like SonezSpawnJoin or SpawnJoin but there is always this problem at the first time join.

    Please help,
  2. If you have multiverse core and you properly set your new world in, try and delete the world world. If this doesn't work it may be the plugin- EssentialsX is very popular and works great.
  3. Dump EasySetSpawn and install EssentialsX instead.

    Then you need to /setworldspawn to set the spawn for the world and then /setspawn to set the spawn for all players.