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  1. Hello i was thinking is there a way to make first time players who join the server for the first time to pick what they want to do.. for example i have a server that you can go to the world and complete quests and have rankup but on the saim server you can rankup thru money... so i was thinking is there a way i can make first time players when they join to the server to open a gui that would show two game modes (quests and survival/pvp)
    And if they choose to play quests and when they would click the item in the gui they would get perms to go thru the quests and if they choose survival/pvp they wouldnt get perms and thay couldnt talk to npc and start quests ... is there a way to make it or a plugin ?
  2. I would recommend first looking into Java to start making your plugin, This will take time. Or you can hire a developer such as me ;)
    Honestly, if you do want me to make it, Add me on discord. I can do it for you. 1010bob#3794

    Java Docs:
  3. Well i was thinking maybe theres a plugin for this thing ....i seen on some server that when first players join they can click on item in the gui thats says where did you find the server from .... and its the only time that the gui would show up
  4. Yes, They have developers that make it custom to their server, you can find a GUI plugin such as CreateYourOwnMenus though.
  5. And custom guis plugin i think its paid plugin idk, but if i have it i wouldnt know how to launch gui for players that joined the server for the first time ...
  6. Hey there,

    Try customjoinitems.
    There you can setup your own items with a name. Also you can set your own messages for first joins and normal joins. And I suggest using chestcommands for making your menus.


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