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  1. Hello. I am using Playtime Rewards plugin on my server and i have a first login reward set up. The problem is players get this rewards sometimes when they join again. Here is the config file:

    PlaytimeNeeded: 1
    CountType: 'SESSIONTIME'
    GlobalNotification: false
    PlayerNotification: false
    RewardName: '&4FirstLogin'
    RewardText: '&1Welcome to the Server!'
    RewardCommand: ''
    RewardConsole: ''
    Item: 'IRON_PICKAXE'
    Damage: 0
    Amount: 1
    DisplayName: '&4Cool &8Pickaxe&a!'
    - '&3A very good looking Pickaxe&7!'
    SoundPitch: 2
    SoundVolume: 10
    ParticleName: 'FLAME'
    ParticleAmount: 100
    ParticleSpeed: 0.1
    ParticleOffsetX: 0.3
    ParticleOffsetY: 0.1
    ParticleOffsetZ: 0.3
    EnableLoop: false
    WaitFirst: false
    MinPlaytime: 0 #Seconds
    MaxPlaytime: 0 #Seconds
    PermissionNeeded: ''
  2. You will need to speak to the developer of the plugin regarding this issue.
  3. You could dissable the first join reward in that plugin and use EssentialsX to give them a kit on first join.
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