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  1. Hi, I tought to build up my first network. It would be formed by 2 servers (factions and ffa, may add more in future). What gamemodes would you reccomend? Some advices to get players? As I said it would be my first server so i have not experience in this topic. I accept every type of advice! Thanks for your help!
    Ps. Idk if i have posted this in the right section, sorry if i havent
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    Sorry for the wall of text I just have a lot to say lol.

    Ok there are a few things to get out of the way first.

    If you are going to be serious about running a network with more than one server, you have to have the funding. To get a professional and competitive network is hard, getting a website can cost $300, getting good artwork and buycraft icons another $300, professional plugins and full time back-end developers at least $300 for the first month. Add on to that your buycraft enterprise plan as well as perhaps paying staff and builders to get nice builds this will eat through your wallet, and now that you have spent all this money on top of that you need yoututbers to advertise your server and perhaps money to give out as f-tops.

    So lets say your budget for the first month is oh idk, $1500 to get things going good. And thats only for one server.

    Feeling scared? Well dont be! The only issue is that of expectations, by no means do you have to spend near that much money its just important to know what these things require. When you are starting a network, dont think of it as a network, just start one server and go from there. Focus entirely on factions (for example) and make that the best you can. Dont try to compete with the best at first because that is not possible, develop your server and community and grow the players around that.

    So now that I have confused everyone and scared them off let me answer your questions!

    Game modes I recommend:

    - Skyblock is always a good one if you can add some cool things to it, people can play on it alone and with others and it can get some good donations without being P2W

    - Some form of survival usually works and does not require that much experience.

    - Factions is fine but there has to be a good reason to join your server instead of others, do you offer f-top cash prizes? Does your server have an rpg spin? Does it have really awesome builds and cool features? Is it a factions server that is not Pay to Win? (I know its impossible) Are your staff super nice and the people not aggressive jerks?

    Ways to get players:

    1. Voting sites are a great snowball effect, I would recommend putting your server on anywhere from 3-5 and giving your players rewards when they vote. Nuvotifier is a great plugin to handle this.

    2. Paid slots on Voting Sites
    I have not tried this myself but have heard lots of good things about it

    3. Youtubers
    Hiring youtubers to play and Stream on your server is the number one quickest way to get players fast, most of them will leave after the youtuber is gone but those who stay will still be many.

    4. Word of mouth
    If your server is good word will spread naturally about it, this method is obviously more effective as time goes on.

    General Tips:

    1. Go into your plugins and edit the chat messages to match your server, try to have a uniform color scheme and the same prefix for all your plugins that way your server looks more professional and custom built rather than a bunch of random plugins thrown together.

    2. Go easy on the premium plugins
    People think premium plugin are better because they cost money but this is not necessarily true. Of course you want some of them that are actively updated with good support and that actually work but having open source and free plugins means that down the line you can edit them to your liking, or hire someone else to.

    3. Dont think about the money, and DONT quit
    In order to succeed in this world, you will have to go months without donations, and sometimes weeks in between players other than you or your friends joining. Oftentimes I see people on this forum talking about how they are going to have a thousand players in one week and thats just not true. Unless you have a ton of money to spend on advertising growing a playerbase is hard work, and will take a long time. But the longer you spend on your server, the more time you put in, the more you learn and grow.

    Most of all...
    Have fun! Dont let me or someone else tell you what to do, If you want to start a Prison Factions server hybrid who am I to say no. This is a game, we should all have fun playing around with it and creating community's.
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  3. As they said above, do not let myself or any else tell you how to run a server you want to run. It is your 'baby' and you should do with it what you want.

    Starting off as a network can be extremely hard. While the idea of a network always sounds super sick, it can go south really quick. Your main focus should be on a single server as of right now. This will allow you to optimize the single server to the fullest potential in order to attract a decent player base. You should only ever branch out into a network until you have the community to support it. Originally I owned a single survival server, which we then branched into a network. It included creative, a 1.12 survival and a 1.13 survival. We had players across each server, but many of them flocked to the 1.13 survival only.

    Being that this will be one of your first servers ever, I would honestly start small. Running a single server, while tedious, is an amazing learning experience for both the technical and community aspect. This will give you the proper experience to handle a multi-server network in the future. It will also give you decent insight into what you really want for a community / server.

    If you are dead set on running a network, then go for it. If it fails, it fails - failure is your best teacher :) . As far as costs, the above poster is out of the ballpark for most of it.

    You can get a simple hub / network spawn built for ~$30-50 ( you don't need anything extravagant, you can always expand later on if you eventually get financial support ). If you're just starting off, you can always use Enjin for your website solutions. They're reliable and have been around for a looooong while. I believe their top 'paid plan' falls around $29.99 for 30 days ( ). You can get a decent Enjin website design for anywhere from $75 - 150 (depending upon what your budget looks like, you really don't need a website design but it's always more professional to have one). As far as server developers, this is why I recommend starting with a small single server. If you don't plan to hire developers for plugin commissions ( or full time developers ), you'll be taking on a lot of the technical responsibility. You have to keep in mind that you must set up an entire Bungee network, as well as setting up all of the nuances such as voting, cross-server aspects, etc. There's quite a lot of hours and work to be put into a network to make it decent enough to pull a substantial player base. It'd be a great learning experience, but your best starting place is a small server.

    If you do choose to pursue a network, I wish you the best of luck :) (y) If you ever need / want advice or assistance or even general tips, my DM's are always open or you can contact me on discord! Turttles#0001
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  4. Lambsauce


    Prioritize spending your money on things that create the most value for your players. (Not $300 on artwork)

    If you want players without paid advertisement, try and look for upcoming trends/what will be in demand.
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  5. Thank you all for your useful and friendly advices! And for your time used to reply at my question!
  6. Secure funding
    You'll most likely operate at a deficit during the first month
    Cater your server decisions to your user's, not your paypal account
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  7. Try months if not a few years for a low/zero advert revenue server. That because you'll need good rep, time tested, community base, etc etc etc. Before the donations start to really rolls in.
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