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  1. I've always had problems with getting the first time spawn (spawn location for someone joining for the first time) to properly work. In my most cases, they don't spawn exactly where I need to. Sometimes they spawn far away, above, or below. Even though I try to clear out the area, it still happens.

    What can I do to ensure that a newcomer will spawn in the intended spawn area?
  2. You can try typing “/setworldspawn”.
  3. I still have the same problem if I use that.
  4. What have you tried so far?
  5. I've tried setting the spawn radius to 0, use /setworldspawn, and I've cleared the roof out whatever area the spawn is so above you is the sky. Times it works, sometimes not.
  6. Are you using any spawn plugin like essentialsspawn?
  7. oh! i thought you were talking about code lol
  8. Yes, I am.
  9. /setspawn for Essentials.

    /setworldspawn is regular Minecraft.
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  10. They spawn into a 3 high airblock area, and on a solid block?
    or is it just 2 high, and they are on a slab or glowstone?
  11. They spawn on a solid block.
  12. EliteDuck


    If you don't find a solution, try using FirstJoinPlus' first join spawn feature.
  13. Use The EssentialsSpawn plugin in the essentials build.
  14. is it for 1.12 ?
  15. In the Essentials config.yml, go below till the EssentialsSpawn section. From there you can toggle the first spawn location for players and the default spawn location when joining (does also support different groups).

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