Spigot FishEditor 0.1

Add new fishing drops

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    FishEditor - Add new fishing drops

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  2. Love it, here are my suggestions that, In my opinion, would be a great addition to your plugin.

    • A configurable custom percentage chance for each item.
    • An optional configurable message that broadcasts when someone catches an item.
    • Ability to "fish" commands out.
    • Each item in the inventory has 1 in 54 chance, put more in each slot to increase chances.
    • Will do
    • wat?
    • Would be better in my opinion if it's a configurable drop amount, for example I got two diamond swords, one has sharpness I and another has sharpness III, I want the sharpness III one to have a 1% chance to drop while the sharpness I to have a 10% chance to drop, pretty much like that.
    • Great.
    • Instead of fishing out items you fish a command that is activated by console, for example " /pay LaxWasHere 50 " lmao