Fix for OP, Fly and Creative-mode begging players

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  1. This tutorial assumes that you are using Essentials plugin.

    Tired of players begging for OP or Creative gamemode on your Survival Server?
    Troll 'em hard with this solution!
    What this does is it sends a fake message to the player that his command has completed successfully... but it actually wasn't. This is 100% safe as it just sends the message and nothing is executed.
    Players themselves must use /op /gamemode /gm /fly commands for this to work.

    1. Create a file named custom.txt (if you haven't) in Essentials folder and add these lines in it:
      Code (customtxt (Unknown Language)):
      &7&o[{USERNAME}: Opped {USERNAME}]
      &6Set game mode &ccreative&6 for &c{USERNAME}&6.
      &6Set fly mode &cenabled&6 for &c{USERNAME}&6.
    2. Go to your server's root folder and find commands.yml and in there make this:
      Code (YAML):
      # This is the commands configuration file for Bukkit.
      # For documentation on how to make use of this file, check out the Bukkit Wiki at
      # If you need help on this file, feel free to join us on irc or leave a message
      # on the forums asking for advice.
      # IRC: #spigot @
      #    (If this means nothing to you, just go to )
      # Forums:
      # Bug tracker:

      : []
       - version $1-
       - customtext op
       - customtext gamemode
       - customtext gamemode
       - customtext fly
    3. Whenever somebody asks for OP, Creative or Fly, just tell them to "activate it for them themselves".
    4. Watch as they get confused because the command clearly worked but they still didn't get anything.
    5. If they tell you it is not working, tell them that "its not your problem that they obviously dont know how to use it"
    6. Enjoy!
    If you ever need to actually use those commands, use these commands:
    • /minecraft:op is the same as working /op
    • /egamemode is the same as working /gamemode
    • /egm is the same as working /gm
    • /efly is the same as working /fly
    Happy trolling! :)
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  2. I will be sure to add this, thanks!
  3. I ban them, Ez.
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