fix tnt cannon physics in 1.12.x

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by NATroutter, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Hey i'm trying to make factions server and i just think about this
    is there any way to fix tnt cannon physics to be like in old days back in 1.7
    i really like to use 1.12 server version because it has all this new features
    please help me with this :)
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  2. Splazeing


    PaperSpigot / TacoSpigot (either one, paper is a fork of spigot and taco a fork of paper).
    I’m not sure if they’re available for MC 1.12 but they should.

    There’s a option in the config to fix TnT.
  3. i try both paper and taco
    i watch some videos and google something and 1.8 version have fix-cannons: true/false maby i'm not 100% sure about that
    but 1.12.2 version does not have that feature
  4. If your on 1.12.2, then its now prevent-tnt-from-moving-in-water: false at line 72 in paper.yml.