[FIXED] boosCooldowns: Shared Cooldowns

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  1. Hi I'm having an issue with boosCooldowns, I setup shared commands but they only work for the first command and not the rest, if you could check my config and help that would be great
    Code (Text):
        warmups_enabled: true
        cooldowns_enabled: true
        prices_enabled: true
        item_cost_enabled: true
        xp_cost_enabled: true
        limits_enabled: true
        auto_save_enabled_CAN_CAUSE_BIG_LAGS: false
        save_interval_in_minutes: 15
        cancel_warmup_on_damage: false
        cancel_warmup_on_move: false
        cancel_warmup_on_sneak: false
        cancel_warmup_on_sprint: false
        cancel_warmup_on_gamemode_change: false
        block_interact_during_warmup: false
        clear_on_restart: false
        clear_uses_on_death: false
        clear_cooldowns_on_death: false
        start_cooldowns_on_death: false
        command_logging: false
        command_signs: false
        syntax_blocker_enabled: true
        seconds: seconds
        minutes: minutes
        hours: hours
        warmup_cancelled_by_damage: '&6Warm-ups have been cancelled due to receiving damage.&f'
        warmup_cancelled_by_move: '&6Warm-ups have been cancelled due to moving.&f'
        warmup_cancelled_by_sprint: '&6Warm-ups have been cancelled due to sprinting.&f'
        warmup_cancelled_by_sneak: '&6Warm-ups have been cancelled due to sneaking.&f'
        warmup_cancelled_by_gamemode_change: '&6Warm-ups have been cancelled due to changing
        cooling_down: '&6Wait&e &seconds& &unit&&6 before you can use command&e &command&
        warming_up: '&6Wait&e &seconds& &unit&&6 before command&e &command& &6has warmed
        warmup_already_started: '&6Warm-Up process for&e &command& &6has already started.&f'
        paid_error: '&6An error has occured:&e %s'
        insufficient_funds: '&6You have insufficient funds!&e &command& &6costs &e%s &6but
          you only have &e%s'
        paid_for_command: '&6Price of&e &command& &6was&e %s &6and you now have&e %s'
        paid_items_for_command: '&6Price of&e &command& &6was &e%s'
        paid_xp_for_command: '&6Price of&e &command& &6was &e%s levels'
        insufficient_items: '&6You have not enough items!&e &command& &6needs &e%s'
        insufficient_xp: '&6You have not enough XP!&e &command& &6needs &e%s'
        limit_achieved: '&6You cannot use this command anymore!&f'
        limit_reset: '&6Wait&e &seconds& &unit&&6 before your limit for command&e &command&
          &6is reset.&f'
        limit_reset_now: '&6Reseting limits for command&e &command& &6now!&f'
        limit_list: '&6Limit for command &e&command&&6 is &e&limit&&6. You can still use
          it &e&times&&6 times.&f'
        interact_blocked_during_warmup: '&6You can''t do this when command is warming-up!&f'
        cannot_create_sign: '&6You are not allowed to create this kind of signs!&f'
        cannot_use_sign: '&6You are not allowed to use this sign!&f'
        invalid_command_syntax: '&6You are not allowed to use command syntax /<pluginname>:<command>!'
        confirmation_message: '&6Would you like to use command&e &command& &6?'
        confirmation_price_of_command: '&6its price is&e &price& &6and you now have &e&balance&'
        confirmation_item_price_of_command: '&6its price is&e &itemprice& &itemname&'
        confirmation_limit_of_command: '&6it is limited to&e &limit& &6uses and you can still use it&e &uses& &6times'
        confirmation_xp_price_of_command: '&6its price is&e &xpprice& experience levels'
        confirmation_confirm_command_execution: 'Yes'
        confirmation_cancel_command_execution: 'No'
        confirmation_command_cancelled: '&6Execution of command&e &command& &6was cancelled'
            permission: "ci.permission"
            denied_message: '&cYou lack required permissions to use this command!'
            limit: 5
            - /night_command
            limit: 5
            - /day_command
          /command parameter:
            cooldown: 2 hours
          /commandwithparameters *:
            cooldown: 5 seconds
            cooldown: 2 minute
            warmup: 5
            price: 10.0
            limit: 5
            potion: WEAKNESS,3
            message: You just used /test!
            limit: 1
            cooldown: 24 hours
            limit: 1
            limit_reset_delay: 120
          /original *:
            cooldown: 5
            warmup: 1
            limit: 10
            itemcost: STONE,5
            xpcost: 5
            cooldown: 3 days
            - /fix hand
            - /fix all
            cooldown: 20
            cooldown: 10
          /command *:
            warmup: 5
        /newcommand: /originalcommand
        /ja *: /me $1 $2 $* $world $player
        limit_reset_delay: 1 hour
      /original *:
        limit_reset_delay: 360 minutes
  2. Any help with this at all?