[FIXED] Villager isn't spawning

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  1. Hi,

    Actually i've got a problem with a mini-games plugin: When the server just started, or after a reload i havn't got any problems but when the second game starts (after the reload of play world) the mobs doesn't spawn.

    To reload a world i'm doing:

    - Kick all players
    - Unload play world
    - Remove play world's folder
    - Copy world
    - Load it using Bukkit.createWorld(WorldCreator)

    I'm using the latest version of spigot (MC 1.8.6) but i've got the same issue in older versions
  2. It is: isn't instead of is'nt ;)
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  3. @Algeseven post your code. You probably use a reference to your unloaded world, rather than a reference to your new world.
  4. I agree, maybe you don't reset yours locations variables properly, I suggest you try to teleport the player to the spawn location of the mob, and you will easely see if the location is correct.
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  5. You got to make sure that the chunk is loaded when you add the Entity.
  6. The chunk is loaded

    EDIT: Fixed by redefining the world in the enum :)
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