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  2. I am getting unexplained lagg too.
  3. I downgraded to build 832, have not been experiencing lagg spikes since.
    Edit: Still some small spikes, not very large ones though like before.
  4. well- those plugins won't help with lag spikes but they honestly do help with general lag...

    I get 20% less ram usage when having NoLagg on- and the person who disagreed, why?
  5. When I read those timings then I only think about this: Hoppers
    I think there were some changes planned for hoppers in Spigot? Not sure yet..

    NoCheatPlus isn't lightweight but its designed to run smooth on your server and the timings seem to verify this.
  6. Others have specifically complained about hoppers and LWC.
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  7. Yep, I saw in another thread, LWC is causing problems with hoppers but downgrading seems to fix it.
  8. It seem to be a mix of both vanilla and lwc, and it's scary how fast it start to be noticeable, with just a few of them on a new map:
    I could almost bet those things ticks every tick, and in a not very efficient way.

    About LWC so you recommend downgrading to "LWC 4.3.2 Beta 2" ? Wouldn't it break the database because of trap chest no longer being supported?

    It actually could be useful if Md_5 could find the time to add a "disable-hopper" var that stop them completely from ticking. Or maybe find a way to aggregate ticks but it would be much more complex.

    Ok so It seem I had ~26 hoppers on the map with theses timings, since I knew were they were (new map and only one player using them) I went and started to remove them.
    I started at 20% cpu load, after 25 it was at 17%, when I removed the last the load instantly dropped to 7% (new timings, I didn't even restart).

    It's too bad but after seeing that It wasn't possible to let it slide, hopper went straight to blacklist.
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  9. So do hoppers cause lag even without LWC?
    I am getting small lag spikes but I don't have LWC added to my server.
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    I would love to see that as well. My map is 18k x 18k and there are already thousands of laggy hoppers. I'm telling people to stop using them, but still there are moments, where TPS goes down like crazy because of TileEntityHopper.tryYakeInItemFromSlot
  11. Why don't you create a blacklist in essentials to stop hoppers from being placed?
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    I did that, but problem is already placed hoppers that are somewhere and I have a hard time to find where.
  13. Not sure if this will lag but you could try this:

    do /tppos 30000 300 30000
    then with worldedit //pos1
    /tppos -30000 100 -30000
    then dig all the way down to bedrock and do that //pos2
    then do //replace hopper (another block or air)
  14. @AK138
    Would not remove unloaded chunk hoppers I believe.
  15. Sway

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    //pos1 //pos2 //outset 20 //expand vert //replace hopper 0

    No need to dig down.
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    And then enjoy watching your server crash as WorldEdit tries to loop through 230,400,000,000 blocks and check if any of them are hoppers.
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