Spigot FixLag 0.3

Fix lags by destroying/stoping Entitys, Commandblocks and Redstone clocks

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    FixLag - Fix lags by destroying/stoping Entitys and Commandblocks

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  2. Idk if you want this, but here ya go anyways.
  3. Oh thanks! That's awesome! Added it! ;)
  4. Can you add my name + link to my account by the translation?
  5. It wasent meant for a LOGO; Ill happily make you a logo though.
  6. Done! ;)
  7. Yes you did ;):D
  8. I just made 2 of them in Spigot Logo Size(96x96), enjoy!
    FixLag (2).png
    FixLag (3).png

    Edit: I can MAYBE make them better.
  9. Thanks :)
  10. Well, I love your plugin!
    BTW is there an option to toggle restart off, and commandblock disabling off?
  11. Wow, just realized you added the monster options. Thank you alot!
    I will probably add the plugin to: play.jcraftia.us
  12. You're welcome! ;)
    Would be awesome for me!:D
  13. I will likely do it, feel free to come on and check it out.
  14. I love your plugins so much.
  15. Thanks:)
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