Spigot FizzyPrefixer v1.5

Permission controlled player name tag prefixes

  1. Fizz_ submitted a new resource:

    FizzyPrefixer - Adds prefix's to the players name above their head

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  2. its same as nametag edit then, unless you can make so we can set permissions for each prefix for example &8[&aKnight&8] and permission for it is prefix.knight, and whoever have that permission gets prefix aswell
  3. I'm not very familiar with existing plugins :p i just make ones that sound fun, i could totally add that functionality to separate from existing plugins, will probably be in next update
  4. ok i need that a lot but nametag edit isnt really configurable, my dev made plugin for permission thingy but that doesnt quite work with that plugin
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  5. Tell me if the most recent update is the kind of thing you're looking for, if not, try explaining it in more detail and maybe i can get it added :)
  6. Will test once i get out of bed few hours later
  7. Add suffix support :3
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  9. *salutes* it's all ready sir!
  10. quick thing, your plugin breaks scoreboard (featherboard) once loaded/reloaded
  11. ah so it does not work with scoreboards >.< since scoreboard breaks prefixes
  12. Download isn't working for me, some 403 error oO
  13. Download dosent work.
  14. the download link is still broken buddy and i wanted to use this on my server
  15. I somehow managed to mess the download up 2 times in a row lol. It should work now.