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  1. Hey, I was wondering if there was a plugin where in your prefix, you can set a character to flash. I don't mean the Essentials chat '&k' kind of thing. This would be for a developer role like:

    What I want is for the _ to flash like it does on a command line. If there are any plugins, please tell them to me, if not and you are willing, could one of you devs make a plugin for this purpose? Thanks in advance!
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  2. Choco


    1. Wrong forum to hire people. See Hiring - Developers
    2. That's not possible. You'd be looking at a client-sided chat mod for that
  3. It could be possible if I updated the prefix on an interval.
  4. Mas


    You would have to resend every chat message currently in the chat for it to actually look animated. People have tried this kind of thing before and it isn't worth the time.
  5. Choco


    No, you would be spamming your chat log. You cannot dynamically remove / update chat in the Minecraft chat window
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  6. The thing is that the message is kinda static thing player receives ('magic text' is client sided)
    The only way you can make it is by periodical sending of aaaaall the chat player saw
    Player's chat was:
    <Steve>: Hi
    <AdminJohn>_ Qwerty
    All this should be logged (e.g. ProtocolLib)
    Than you have to send him kinda other 'frame' of all chat:
    <Steve>: Hi
    <AdminJohn>  Qwerty
    At the same time you should log all the updates of chat and the position of this symbol. And just thing about used memory! Moreover it's not just text, it's JSON which's kinda {"text":"qwerty"}. So better don't do it
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