Flight disabled on teleport

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Nuubles, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. I have a paper spigot server running on 1.17.1, and whenever a player teleports from one dimension to another, the flight gets disabled.

    I've tried printing stack on PlayerToggleFlightEvent but it didn't display anything when teleporting. Additionally I've attempted to set allow-flight to true in server.properties, which resulted in no changes. When teleporting from one dimension to another, the console prints no error or warning messages, just the regular stuff. The teleport code is written by me, and no gamemodes are being changed by my code when teleporting the player, as the player is teleported normally with only player.teleport(location).
  2. Im not sure why this happens, but cant you re-enable a players flight after they get teleported?
  3. It is possible, but the inconvenience here is that some plugins rely for the fly to stay on, and if a player has set the teleport location to be above a lava lake the player will fall into the lava
  4. I dont know how to fix the plugins that rely fly to stay on always issue, but the problem with lava can be fixed by making someone invulnerable, teleporting them, giving them flight, and removing their invulnerability, I guess..