Spigot FlightControl [1.18 BETA ON DISCORD] 4.9.18


  1. Thank you for the suggestion! I will do that!
  2. geo4574 updated FlightControl (1.8-1.15) with a new update entry:

    Performance boost, fixes (v4.3.11)

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  3. Would you be willing to add a time fly feature? Give the ability to add a timer for fly to the entire server?
  4. What do you mean? Like /tempfly (it's also been added)?
  5. oh I mean instead of /tempfly, it's actually a timer. I found another plugin that already does this. Thank you for replying though
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  6. No problem! I'm still interested in adding features to FlightControl (even though you already found something else) if you wouldn't mind clarifying your idea.

    You were looking for something that enables flight at certain times of day for all players?
  7. Ya basically I'm looking for a way to give everyone timed fly. So the idea is someone buys time and it sets the entire server to a certain amount of flight time.
  8. Sorry i dont have github account thts why posting here ! I have a feature request - ability to check tempfly left time of players with a command .. cos sometimes their hackers with fly and its hard to recognize if thts the plugin temp fly received from crates reward or hacked fly
  9. Can you add support for the RedProtection plugin? So that players can activate Fly within their regions? Thanks
  10. I can do that! I'll let you know when the feature comes out!
  11. I'll try my best and get back to you!
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  12. I'm having a problem with a delay with the essentials plugin and flightcontrol.
    I use paper 1.15.2, I saw that you don't have support for paper, only spigot ... can this be the problem? Do you recommend some kind of configuration to mitigate? Thank you very much.
  13. FlightControl supports any fork of Spigot, which includes Paper. (Yes, it supports Paper.)

    What delay are you talking about? I don't think I understand your question.

    FlightControl::Task: org.spazzinq.flightcontrol.Listener$2 (Single)
    count(1) total(0.09% 0.463s, 0.12% of tick)
    avg(463.33ms per - 0.06ms/0.00 per tick)
  15. Oh, you're talking about timings. I'm working on improving the performance of FlightControl as we speak, but I'm also really busy. Performance updates will be released soon though.

    As long as you don't have actual lag on your server though, I think you should be fine.
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  16. [suggestion] Add the option to fly in joined nation towns.

    # Requires Towny plugin
    enable_own_town: true
    enable_own_town: true

    (amazing plugin thank you for your time and talent!)
  17. Thank you! Feel free to leave a review to show your support :)

    Are nations part of Towny or is it a separate plugin? If so, please send the link.
  18. Same exact plugin,