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  1. Hello, what plugin does this function so that a head floats and when you approach it it gives you personalized objects? And have some animation for example that rotates 360 degrees constantly

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  2. It really depends on the server, that could be a custom plugin for all we know. But you can probably achieve something like that with this.
  3. The plugin you passed is with armorstand does not work for me, it has to be with animated heads
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  4. This is still armor stand
  5. But it does not do the function I ask for.
  6. It can, you just have to make it do it. You cannot just expect the plugin to magically create what you want. If you want it to achieve that effect you need to research how the plugin works and use it to achieve a similar result as the image you showed.
  7. Ok, thanks!
  8. Surely you are looking for the RotatingHeads plugin, now you will not find it because the author eliminated the resource but it fulfilled the same function that you are looking for

    HolographicDisplay has this function of adding a rotating items and as an addition you use Touchscreen Holograms you may be able to do what you want :D
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  9. That enderchest is not a player head. It is either a armorstand with an enderchest as a helmet or an itemstack. As said before, you can make a HolographicDisplays hologram with the enderchest item which rotates. Otherwise I don't know of a rotating heads plugin...
  10. ¬°¬°Gracias a todos por la ayuda!!
  11. Thanks to all for the help!