Spigot Flood Fill 1.1.2

A extremely powerful/useful tool for editing a map

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    Flood Fill (version 1.0) - A extremely powerful/useful tool for editing a map

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  2. This will help me on making all my monster spawners into diamondblocks and making people buy spawners in the shop :) Thanks was searching for a plugin like this months ago!!!!

    I'll make sure to backup the world before it might change everything and people will be mad :)
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    It doesn't work like MCEDIT. It only gets the blocks next to each other.
  4. Oh okay, i get it now. Thanks i was just about to try it.
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  6. I don't quite understand what this does that world edit can't. With world edit you can select an enormous cuboid around what you need to fill and do /replace 0 <block>. The only times this doesn't work is when there is a curved roof, eg the inside of a sphere.
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    Basically that.

    It only replaces blocks next to the one you are wanting to replace.
    So filling in non-square shapes is pretty easy.

    Same for filling in hollow structures.

    Its not meant to be a replacement to worldedit. But I find it pretty useful when editing maps and don't want to effect areas I can't see.

    Such as a triangle shape I want to fill with water.

    Or create the outside of a house in a map, then go inside the house and flood it up with stone just to make sure no one glitches inside it.
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  8. I have found something like that would be useful in the past. It would be nice if it was added to world edit.. and made more.. safe. (By WorldEdit I am saying)
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  10. Great plugin. Well done!